5 inspiring places to work remotely

Is working remotely that bad? Take a look at those houses where working can be more satisfying then ever. 

After a year into the pandemic, we are all becoming more and more comfortable with the terms “teleworking”, “virtual meeting”, “working remotely”, and many others.

The hope, of course, is that we will soon return to our “old” reality. To return to the well-ironed suits, to the races in the subway and to the after-work with colleagues at sunset.

While waiting for our hopes to come true, let’s try to see the positive sides of “teleworking”, from the alarm clock ringing a little later to the fact that we can work from anywhere!

Think how lucky we are to be able to work in front of a window overlooking the sea or a heated swimming pool where you can swim during your lunch break. And participate in a call from a sunny terrace in the middle of the mountains? What a dream…

We have selected for you some of the most suitable locations for teleworking in the houses of our collection!

Casa Ulivo – Cefalù in Sicily

Rental Collection

Casa Minimal – Mallorca in Spain

Rental & Exchange Collections

Villa Stella – Taglio-Isolaccio in Northern Corsica

Exchange & Rental Collection

Villa Massinissa – Ourika Valley in Morocco

Exchange & Rental Collections

Aretusa Beach House – Syracuse in Sicily

Rental Collection

Article by: Carolina Sbarigia

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