Our Trendy Autumn Getaways

Autumn is the season of warm colours when the leaves of the trees turn red, yellow and orange. Still offering a very mild climate, it is the perfect time to go out for some great outings. Through this article Sphere Travel Club makes you discover its trendy autumn gateways.

Cap Ferret, France

If you have the chance to go to Cap Ferret, there are so many wonderful things to do. You can start your day at the lighthouse of Cap Ferret, an iconic sight of the local coastal area. From here you can choose your own path, but for a bit of a cloudy day we recommend the following:

Cloudy Fall Day Outside

Chapel of the Algerian villa: This is a beautiful old chapel located in Cap Ferret which is an architectural gold mine. It is a sight to behold both inside and outside. If you have a chance, certainly go in to see the beautiful interiors. Just be mindful of the church service times so as to not bother parishioners. 

Dune of Pilat: Take advantage of the clouds and head to the Dune of Pilat. While on most summer days the place is packed with tourists, in the fall the area is far clearer so you can take in the views uninterrupted and have space for yourself. 

Villa Téthys: A beautiful historical monument in Cap Ferret which walks through the history of the place. It has both indoor and outdoor components so be sure to check out both.

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Villa Bali

Lodge Tahiti

Rome, Italy

Start your journey on the Spanish Steps, located in the heart of the city. This is a remarkable rendez-vous spot and is perfectly suitable for a group adventure. From here you can choose your own path depending on the mood of the day however for a sunny fall day, these spots can’t be beaten. If you have already visited Rome a few times and are looking to try a few lesser known areas, this guide is for you.

Sunny Fall Day Outside

Campidoglio: One of the seven hills of Rome and a wonder on its own, however the main attraction is the temple dedicated to Jupiter, the Roman Sun God from ancient times. 

Pincio Promenade: This beautiful park is the best place to have lunch on a sunny day. Fall is especially perfect because it’s not too hot nor are there a lot of tourists. Get perfect, undisturbed pictures of some historical monuments found here or just enjoy the fresh air. 

Tiber Island: Take a walk through the lovely Tiber Island which extends down to the southern tip about 270 meters long. Packed with historical structures and an old bridge which connects the two sides over the river. 

Porto Vecchio, France

Porto Vecchio is famed for being a beautiful getaway in the summertime but it is just as lovely in the fall. While it has a number of beaches, it also hosts a wide variety of mountain activities for the whole family. Start your day off at Torra di Sponsaglia, a famous landmark which is sure to be an easy meetup location.

Chill Day on the Mountains

A Tyroliana “Le Parc Aventure”: This is an especially good spot for those with young children. This adventure themed park will show your kids how to climb and have fun on the mountains while being securely fastened. They have adventure and obstacle courses for hours of fun.

Araghju: For the history buffs the Araghju is home to prehistoric ruins, local to the area. It also has an absolutely stunning view at the top which is well worth the trek.

Piscia Di Gallu: This is a hiking forest with trails for every level of experience so you can choose the best path for you. The forest features a breathtaking naturally formed waterfall, see for yourself why it is consistently named one of the most charming waterfalls of France.

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Villa Panorama

Turin, Italy

Turin is a fabulous city known for its many sights and sounds however as it’s in the northern tip in Italy it can be a little cold in fall. This is why it is a perfect time to explore some of the indoor wonders of the city. It is a great place for art and history lovers alike.

Cool Autumn Day Inside

Mole Antonelliana: If you are a big fan of cinema then the Mole Antonelliana, which hosts the National Cinema Museum is an absolute must. The collection is provided by the historian Maria Adriana Polo, it hosts a wide range of film strips, archives, information and more.

Galleria Sabauda: For art lovers the Galleria Sabauda is a wonderful collection of Royal Art. It is a quiet and refined atmosphere to relax in, which is perfect for a cold fall day.  The displayed art belongs to the House of Savoy and has been collected over the centuries.

Pinacoteca Giovanni e Marella Agnelli: To put a full spin on the day, try visiting the Pinacoteca Giovanni e Marella Agnelli Gallery. It is located on the rooftop of the luxury Lingotto complex and features a 450 square meter steel structure created in the futuristic image of a “crystal spaceship”. 

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