About Sphere Rentals

We are thrilled to write about our latest news item: the launch of Sphere Rentals. It is a step towards providing our members with more options to manage their second home.

This new rentals service is a classic way of putting owners of beautiful holiday homes in touch with respectful clients who wish to spend an ideal holiday. Via our platform, owners can register their property and clients can consult the details and request a reservation.

We keep it very simple and straightforward: better rates than elsewhere – if another platform offers better rates, then we will adapt to those! But price is not our only distinguishing factor: we offer boutique service, are always available for you and are owner-centered. Our aim is to make your life easier and all operations smooth.

That is why we have also negotiated a partnership with an insurer to cover your property for rental stays on top of your existing insurance. This is an optional service for our owners.

Our rental and exchange services are separate apart from two touch points: 

1. for exchange members this insurance is included free of charge 

2. if you are a member of the exchange service we will charge you an even lower commission rate on any bookings that we make happen.

All properties we select for Sphere Rentals go through the same rigorous and careful selection procedure as for Sphere’s Exchange Club. What matters to us most is the attention to detail, the charm of a property, its coherent decoration and the desirability of its location.

If you have any further questions about our rentals service, get in touch with us at info@spheretravelclub.com or take a look at our Sphere Rentals website here.

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