Tips For Renting Your Space During COVID 19

As travel returns to some of us, you may be eager to start renting out your space again. However, in order to ensure the health of you and your renter, it is important to take additional safety precautions. Here are just a few things to keep in mind as you prepare your space.

Remember the 3 Cs!


  1. Soap. Now it may seem a little excessive but washing your hands with soap and warm water really is one of the best ways to stop the spread of the virus. Be sure that every sink in the house is equipped with anti bacterial soap (ex, bathroom, kitchen, etc). 

TIP: Use unscented soap so people with allergies and sensitive skin can use it too.

  1. Sanitizer. While washing your hands with soap is the best way, there might not always be a sink nearby. Make it easy for your guests to sanitize often by placing hand sanitizer pumps in various places of the house.

TIP: Place the bottles nearby things people normally touch (e.g. near staircases with handrails, near the front/back doors, near balconies, etc) 

  1. Shoes. Mark off a designated space for guests and insist on removing shoes. While it is common in some countries to keep shoes on in the house, this further spreads germs indoors.

TIP: Provide slippers to wear indoors, just be sure to dispose of them after your guests leave.


  1. Disinfect. To minimise the spread of COVID, surfaces must be cleaned regularly and thoroughly. Using industrial grade, unscented antibacterial cleaners is strongly recommended.

TIP: Wear gloves when using chemical products such as Lysol wipes or bleach as they can be hard on your skin.

  1. Washing. Fabric will need to be washed much more frequently than in the past. Sheets, towels, bed/couch pillow, etc all need to be washed regularly to ensure that they are COVID free.

TIP: Consider investing in a professional washing service to save time and even money for washing in bulk.

  1. Stock up. Make sure to have extra cleaning supplies for guests to use and encourage their usage so that the guests can also contribute to the cleanliness of the space.

TIP: Put products such as sprays, gloves, wipes, etc in a welcome package at the beginning of their stay instead of in a cupboard or closet. This way it is very obvious that the guests are free to use them.


  1. Key box. The best way to stop the spread is to minimize contact and to avoid interacting with many people. Investing in a key box is one way to ensure that the renters can access the keys safely without coming into contact

TIP: Make sure to disinfect the keybox after each use.

  1. Evaluation. Awareness is key to having a safe exchange. Have your guests fill out an online form to check their symptoms prior to arriving at your space.

TIP: There are many free ways to evaluate such as google forms which can be done 100% online with the guest email address.

  1. Masks. Of course if you do have to meet in person be sure that the guest knows to bring a mask and keep a distance of 2 meters or 6 feet. We recommend that you only meet with one guest from the party to minimize contact.

TIP: Bring an extra mask (new and sealed) for your guest in case they forget.

 Stay Safe!

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