Sardinia: Best Spots From North To South

We welcome you to the dream like island of Sardinia. Here you can experience beautiful beaches, unique exploration opportunities and a voyage of a lifetime. We have provided some of the best addresses from this wonderful island just off the tip of Italy

Grotto di Neptuno (Neptune’s Grotto) 

Grotto di Neptuno is a long series of marine caves with many clearly marked caves for exploring on your own or you can also hire guides for more deep, uncharted routes. The view is outwardly and a very unique experience in one of Italy’s largest semi submerged caves. 

There are several monuments and ruins left behind by ancient civilizations like 18 metre tall columns, a palace room, stone altars and much more. Even a beautiful underground lake, La Marmora, a unique destination for the curious traveller. 

Gennargentu National Park

Gennargentu is a massive mountain in the northern part of the island which can be found in the surrounding thousands acres of forest. This patch of green space is home to hundreds of different species, including birds, various flora, rabbits and even the friendly Sardinian deers which can come right up for some pictures. It is wonderful as hiking grounds and perfect for all sorts of outdoor activities.

In the summer months, many tourists and locals alike take to the vast woods for birdwatching, camping and to barbecue. Please be sure to pick up any trash you may create and be careful not to needlessly cause harm to the wildlife! Let’s keep the beautiful park clean and happy!

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Spiaggia di Porto Giunco

Porto Giunco is a lovely historic beach in the south west area of the island and it is also known as the ‘Pearl of Sardinia’. With its beautiful light pink coloured sand, deep blue lagoon and an incredible view of the sunset, it is sure to please any traveller. The pink sand is a result of the naturally occurring granite fragments that are infamous to the area. 

It is well kept and clean, which makes it a very safe place for families with children. While there are many beach options in Sardinia, we feel that this is one of the most ideal beaches of the beautiful island. 

Bastion Saint Rémy

If you are a big fan of history and early 19th century architecture, the Bastion Saint Rémy is a real treat. The area is beautifully preserved, with its perfect stone craftsmanship and the rich cultural aspect of the area, it is super to send you back in time. 

It is a wonderful piece of the island’s history and great for making memories with the family. The surrounding area is a picture perfect, colourful town which is great for exploring all of its own. Plus, the vendors in the area also sell local treats!

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Article by: Nina Treboux

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