Top 8 Atypical Family Vacation Destinations

With more countries opening their borders for travel this summer, it’s hard to choose the perfect destination for you and your family. Every person in the family is unique and sometimes finding a little something for everyone can seem impossible. To help avoid the travel headache, we put together a list, in no particular order of some of the best travel spots to take your family this summer!


  1. Slovenia – Bohinjska Bistrica

Starting this list off is Slovenia, with its mountain and shorelines, there is a little bit of everything for the whole family. If you are new to traveling in Europe, you will find that Slovenia is an underrated travel gem. We recommend the town of Bohinjska Bistrica for a summer that is nice and cool.

Here are just a few things you can do with your family:

  • Hiking and mountain climbing
  • Canoeing and Kayaking
  • Cave exploration
  • And more!
  1. Greece – Corfu

Spend the day with your family on the white beaches under the sun this summer by taking a trip to Greece! Explore marketplaces, local seafood, and some fun activities in a country that’s full of art, culture and history. Make Corfu your next family vacation!

Here are a few fun activities:

  • Sail Boating and Fishing
  • Explore ancient ruins
  • Visit the Olympic flame
  • Island hopping
  • And more!
  1. France – Rayol Canadel sur Mer

Nothing beats a dive into the water on a hot summer day. The kids will love plunging into the crystal clear waters while the adults can be rest assured of the well maintained beaches. In Rayol Canadel sur Mer, you and your family can enjoy the french seaside, cuisine, culture and more! 

Some of the activities to do with your family:

  • Visit the wine country
  • Go swimming as a family
  • Enjoy the beach
  • Take a family cooking class
  • And more!
  1. Belgium – Bruxelles

If your family loves exploring a city full of culture and heritage, Brussels is the perfect trip! Take a trip to the Atomium for a cool history lesson and take lots of pictures. Plus, you and your little ones can enjoy tasty food that then the pickiest of eaters will love. In the market you can try the world famous waffles or keep it savoury with some french fries, or both!

Here are a few other things you can try:

  • Make your own french fries
  • Visit many kooky museums
  • Go shopping in the marketplace (good for older kids)
  • And more!


  1. Canada – Duhamel

The land of the true, north, strong and free, Canada is a fun vacation outside of Europe. It has very mild weather and lots of open spaces for the adventurous family. We recommend Duhamel in Nova Scotia for a taste of the seaside. There are so many things to do with your family and the kids will love playing in the sunshine.

Here are just a few things available for the family:

  • Rent a private boat
  • Hiking and mountain biking
  • Lobster catching (and eat what you catch!)
  • And more!
  1. Dominician Republic – Punta Cana

For a more caribbean getaway, why not visit the Dominican Republic. This trip is perfect for the family that loves to spend time playing in the water, hiking or exploring new places. In particular, Punta Cana has amazing views and fun in store for everyone.

Somethings you can do together as a family:

  • Enjoy the beaches
  • Wind sailing and boating
  • Scuba diving
  • And more!
  1. Indonesia – Bali 

Bali has been a fan favourite for many years now and it’s no surprise why! The tropical environment is always a treat for the whole family. Whether you want to relax or play, Bali has something for everyone. Spend the summer eating fresh fruit, swimming in the sea and enjoying the beautiful country of Indonesia. 

Just some of the things you can do:

  • Spunkling
  • Playing at the beach
  • Swimming with dolphins/tropical fish
  • Coral care class (Teaches how to save the coral!)
  • And more!
  1. Sri Lanka – Galle

If you and your family are looking for a unique experience this summer, why not try Sri Lanka? With its beautiful mountains and amazing view, you can take many family photos with a scenic background. As a bonus the whole family can enjoy playing outdoors and exploring the jungles and mountains of this beautiful country. We recommend the Galle region for some truly breathtaking scenery. 

Here are a few activities to enjoy with the family:

  • Hiking and mountain climbing
  • Enjoy local cuisine
  • Backpacking (great for teens)
  • Jungle viewing with a guide
  • And more!

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