Top 10 Instagram Worthy Photo Spots

Do you want to take the perfect shot for your next Instagram post? Well a good photo starts with an amazing location! Here is our list of the best spots around the world – in no particular order. Each location is wonderful in its own unique way!

Article by: Nina Treboux

  1. Dominican Republic – Punta Cana

L’ojos Indigenas, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Here in Punta Cana, take a look at the rich culture of the natural area for your next Instagram picture. Why not take a visit to L’ojos Indigenas, or ‘Indigenous Eye’ for a unique perspective on the local culture? The indigenous communities have long nurtured the land and cultivated the beautiful island. These communities can show you the great, and sometimes overlooked world of the Dominican Republic. Plus, the tall palm trees frame the photo nicely while the sky makes for an amazing background while the clear water helps reflect the light back making you look effortlessly glowing. Try a visit to these culture rich locations and get the experience of a lifetime along with an amazing photo.

Lizie Isobel

Antonio De La Pisa

  1. Spain – Majorca 

Cala s’almunia, Majorca, Spain

Just a short walk from the beautiful coastline are interciate alleyways like here in these photos. Try capturing from a high vantage point to include both the city and water for an interesting composition in your photos. Or scrap the beach all together and head inland to get a more urban shot while still keeping that Spanish charm. You can try a low vantage point this time to get a well framed photo.

  1. Mexico – Punta Mita 

Punta de Mita, Nayarit, Mexico

The coastlines of Punta Mita are full of surprises, most infamously the caves. There is a mysterious feeling attached to these caves, many of them dating back millions of years. If you find yourself on top of a bay such as this one, try to capture the circular shape. Circles help to fill negative space and are pleasing to the human eye. If you stumble across one of these caves, don’t hesitate to catch a quick picture of the waves crashing in. However please be careful and never enter an unmarked cave. If you would like to explore further, contact a local cave explore for a safe and guided tour.

  1. Slovenia – Bohinjska Bistrica

Ratitovec, Bohinjska Bistrica, Slovenia

While it might be tempting to stop at Mont Blanc for a cool mountain top picture, it’s been done many times. Of course not that there’s anything wrong with the famous Swiss Alps, if you are looking for something a little different, why not give Slovenia a try? With gorgeous mountain shots like these and less people, you can get the perfect natural shot. Try playing around with the time of day, if you go early in the morning you can catch a beautiful rose sky while going midday will get nice clear blue skies. Be sure to contact a mountain guide for not only the best views but also the safest climb.

  1. Canary Islands – La Palma

Los Tilos, Isla de la Palma

Sometimes you need to take something away to appreciate the surroundings. You can use the negative space technique, where you put a gap or hole as the centre of focus. It creates a more three dimensional look and helps the photo appear larger than it really is in reality. Here at Los Tilos, La Palma you can get amazing negative space shots like these thanks to the islands’ unique structures.

  1. Belgium – Bruges

Bruges, Belgium

Perhaps you are a big fan of architecture and you want to put a spin on your photos. The biggest mistake is to take a picture head on, meaning at eye level. This makes larger structures like buildings appear flat and does not give a good indication of its size. Instead try taking it from a different point of view. Bruges is an excellent place to practice because of its rich historical architecture, here you can find many intricate buildings. Although it may be a little difficult to find, try taking a photo above your eyesight on top of a hill or a tall building. If neither of these are an option, you can even create a small uphill by using a box or stool. On the other hand you can also try a little closer to the ground for a more dynamic effect like in this photo.

  1. Italy – Cagliari

Cagliari Castello di San Michele, via Giovanni Cinquini, Cagliari, Province of Cagliari, Italy

Italy is a beautiful country with many fabulous natural and historic landscapes. However, if you are looking to give a little flavour to your next Instagram photo why not try to find a lesser known side of Italy? You can capture the unique blend of old and modern buildings in the Cagliari cityscape like in this first photo. Or take a quick visit to the graffiti murals for a more hip side of the country. Since there are so many colours available for the shot, try to play around with the contrast settings for the perfect picture.

  1. Thailand – Phuket

Phra nang beach, krabi, thailand

In the coastal regions of Thailand, the ocean is life. Thai people have been using canoes for many years to cultivate the land in a way that cooperates with nature. Partake in the local culture by hiring a guide to take you to these large ‘floating’ islands via canoe. The rocky islands have formed over millions of years to be this unique oval shape. Be very careful not to litter and take care to keep the oceans clean.

  1. France – Carcassonne

Cathedral Saint Nazaire, Carcassonne, France

Ah Carcassonne, experience the real life castle that the board game was based on! But if you’ve seen enough of the castle on your Instagram lately, how about we try something else? Here we have the famous Cathedral Saint Nazaire and the lovely stained glass alter piece. Quick tip is to take the photo closer to the ground so you won’t miss any of the beautiful arches on the roof. Or try your hand at a close up in one of their famous wine vineyards, do not forget to grab a glass… or a bottle of your way out!

  1. Sri Lanka – Galle

Sri Lanka is endlessly fascinating in their unique blend of nature and urban areas. The architecture has great cultural and spiritual meanings, many of them taking hundreds of years to create and are maintained regularly. Try taking a stark photo like the one below for a monochrome wow factor. If you’re a bit more colourful, try to find a focus object with a pop of colour, like this blue train in the Galle region with the natural green background. Do not be afraid to test different setting and angles to capture a unique view of this wonderful country.

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