The ideal guest is another owner

Sphere Travel Club is a community centered on sharing your second home with another person who also wants to share theirs – but in a non-reciprocal way. Sharing your house with another like-minded property owner could also be of benefit to you!

Article by: Jakob Devlin

We have all heard those horror stories of guests wrecking the holiday home they stay in; the smell of cigarette smoke in the living room, coming home only to find your favourite vase with a crack in it, looking at the floor and finding stains on your beautiful family carpet, etc. It is these types of situations that define exactly what every homeowner seeks to avoid. Unfortunately by renting it out to strangers you are never quite sure this won’t happen. That is one of the main arguments for joining a community such as Sphere Travel Club: the concept has been created with trust, reciprocity and respect in mind. 

Treat others as you wish to be treated

Much of why sharing with another owner could lead to a positive experience is due to the knowledge that many owners understand the experience of letting other people stay at their homes. For example, when an owner of another property comes to visit your own property they will treat your property how they would like you to treat theirs. This leads to a more enjoyable experience for both respective parties and greater understanding of how to treat another’s home. This likemindedness is always a given in the Sphere community. To become a member, one must be an owner of a second home.

Villa Zacconi, Tuscany Italy.

Generally better understanding of the sharing economy

Communication can become a real deal breaker when you’re in the stages of organising your long awaited travel plans to the coast of Italy or the snowy mountains of the Alps. Being a part of an exclusive community makes it less likely that communication falls apart and that the person on the other end of the line has a comprehensive understanding of what you, another owner, wants from your holiday experience. Sphere Travel Club is there to remove the weight from your shoulders and make owning a second home even more enjoyable through the power of sharing! Discover new places by staying in second homes around the world – your key can open many more doors than you could have imagined.

Casa Molise, Campobasso, Italy.

Increased liability

Sphere Travel Club is an exclusive community that in order for you to join you must first go through a selection process by Sphere. This process in itself ensures that our community is beneficial to all of our members and not a liability. In the highly unlikely case that anything might happen, membership at Sphere comes with an additional guarantee of up to £1.000.000 for damages and liability to ensure that our members are protected when they join us. 

Fairy Tale Chalet, Slovenia.

In essence, yes, there are clear and possible risks when sharing or renting your property with another person or group of people; but you can mitigate them. Sphere Travel Club is there to provide you with one such option: sharing your home with like-minded second home owners with the ability to travel with peace of mind knowing that you are supported, protected, and valued as part of the Sphere Travel Club community.

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